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Tablet Wall Mount

A solid, sturdy wall mount that holds your Tough-PAC Tablet.
Tablet Dock
Firmly held, rotatable

Tough-PAC Wall mount may be viewed in portrait or landscape positions. Provides power to your device for charging . The case may be un-docked when mobile working or out of hours. 

Secure Options
Options for security cables

The iPad Power supply is hidden and secured behind the mount. An industry standard lock may be added for physical security. Power is delivered via a mains cable to a normal  outlet socket.

Tough-PAC Wall Mount
Antimicrobial Coating
Clean equipment

A sturdy steel construction that is powder coated with antimicrobial paint.

A Solid Solution
Industry standard proven design

Easy to install almost anywhere onto a solid surface, wall or cabinet.  VESA compatible for flexible mounting onto other arms, trolleys or displays.

We have VESA only options for destktop and trolleys - Please enquire

Product Details

Anti-Bacterial HD Glass 

Tempered Glass screen protection for iPhones & iPad
Active Touch
No loss of touch sensitivity

The easy to install screen protector yields a touch sensitivity without any percieved loss providing a great user interface. User replaceable and re-usable.

High Definition
High Resolution Screen friendly

We use high definition Japanese glass to provide excellent screen clarity. Available for iPhone 6s, 7th, 8th generation and the 2020 SE2 and iPad 10.2" models.

Anti-bacterial HD Glass
Shatter Proof
Screen Impact Protection

The laminated tempered glass contruction provides an added layer of protection for your device.

Continuous Decontamination

Our glass screen antibacterial technology works continuously 24/7/365 removing surface contaminants. ISO:22196 analysis shows >99.9% activity against test organisms Staph aureus and E. Coli.

The silver ion technology used has anti-microbial action against a wide range of bacteria, moulds and viruses.

Click-Safe Tether

Physical Security

Industry standard Kensington 'Click-Safe' locks & tethers may be used with Tough-PAC Tablet cases and mounts where physical security is desired. 

Tough-PAC Lightning Cable

Cables & Spares

Our system is modular, most parts can be replaced or upgraded. Our Lightning cables are Apple MFi certified. If you need a part please contact us directly.


Audio Options

As a closed case Tough-PAC partially reduces sound input and volume, though generally volume set at 75% or above is acceptable in areas with low ambient noise. An alternative option is to use a Bluetooth headset or speakers.

Screen & Label

Screen Options

As standard Tough-PAC 9.7" is supplied with a PET film screen cover. An option is to upgrade to a hardended glass screen protector. The new 10.2/10.5 cases have antimicrobial glass screen protectors as standard.