"> The Tough-PAC system for iPad

Tough-PAC® Tablet

Rugged, durable shell case for iPad used in tough places, Protection & Peace of Mind.
Antimicrobial Case for iPad
Protection & peace of mind

Tough-PAC® Tablet is a hard shell case for iPad 2nd to 7th generation. Biomaster® silver ion technology is incorporated during manufacture. This inhibits growth or destroys  contaminating bacteria and fungi by more than 99.6% for the life of the product. It's not a coating, it's permanent.
Tested to ISO22196 standard

All round protection
Maintain valuable assets

Tough-PAC® Tablet case protects from fluids, dust and shock providing a resilient case for iPad. Hide your device, hide cables and chargers - Protect all of your valuable assets from theft and damage; keep total cost of ownership lower than alternatives.

Tough-PAC iPad Tablet
Infection Control Ready
Clean hands & clean equipment

In addition to silver ion technology, Tough-PAC® Tablet may be cleaned with ALL widely available medical grade infection control cleaning agents used today.

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Easy to use, ergonomic, approachable

It feels solid not fragile. Looks great, feels great. A carry handle and ergonomic grip. No external cables to plug in, damage or loose. A robust platform that's confident, takes minutes to setup (once)- just add iPad 2,3,4,Air,Air2 or Pro 9.7!

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Tablet Desktop Dock

Ideal for a work station or next to a PC or Mac computer
Device Charge 
The ideal charging solution

Desktop Cradle is used to charge iPad in Tough-PAC® case, there are no external cables to plug into devices just USB in to the Apple® USB  power supply already provided with iPad  - simplicity.

Device Management
A cradle next to your PC or Mac computer

The desktop cradle may be connected to Apple® iTunes or similar management tool via a USB port to manage OS or software.

Desktop USB cradle
Clean Lines
Minimised cables, simple to use

Dock the Tough-PAC case in portrait or display in landscape. Either way your device is alays viewable. With no cables attached it's always ready for use;

Ready to Use-Dock-n-Go
Straightforward to use

Inner-Vision's unique Simply-Dock® technology enables ease of use. Providing always-on charge & use convenience for users.

Klinik Itzehoe


Dorset County Hospital


Dorchester, England
The Walton Centre


Merseyside, England
Patient Survey



Charge Station-4

Manage up to 4 Tough-PAC tablet devices at once.
Optimised device charging
See what's ready at a glance

The CS4 Management Consul contains an intelligent USB hub that delivers the right charge profile for your device every time. LED's indicate device charging state showing their condition at a glance.

Device Managment
Make device management easier

The CS4-MC hub may be connected to a PC or MAC via USB cable, using Apple® Configurator or similar software to manage apps, OS or device 'blueprint' - up to 4 devices at a time.

Tough-PAC Charge Station 4
Clean Lines
Remove external cables and chargers

There are no external cables to plug into devices. No more dangling cables and lost chargers; power in - that's it. Designed and fully tested to meet CE & FCC standards, made in the UK.

A Sharp solution
Straightforward Use-Dock-n-Go

Inner-Vision's unique Simply-Dock® technology enables ease of use and easy charging. Providing always-on charge & use convenience for end users. 

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